Jharsuguda :  At one hand where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik have been continuously requesting public not to venture outside the home and take precautions but there are few peoples are flouting norms and have been violating the lockdown and still venturing out despite all awareness campaigns made by the  governments through various modes, but in the industrial town Jharsuguda there are brother and sister who have created Corona awareness poster and stuck on their house wall just to make the public and passer aware about the precaution to be taken for the deadly virus in their neighbourhood

Rishi Kumar Dash (10yrs) studying in Class 5 and his younger sister Vaisnavi (7.5yrs) a Class 3 student who is residing at Buromal Area under Jharsuguda Municipality with their parents.

They have hand-drawn posters like Wash your hand, Use hand wash, Stay at your home, if you are sick then go and see a doctor,  Avoid Crowded Place, don’t eat any outside food, No handshake etc posters and have stuck on the walls of their home to make public aware of precautions they should take.

” In the morning , We usually sit with my father and watch the News on TV. After that we got to know about the Corona Virus and its precaution after which we had asked our father can we do something also, He gave an idea to make posters for the people going out and making aware about the precautions. As my right hand was fractured, I seek the help of my younger sister to draw the drawing and I put coloured it. I think my posters will help in creating some amount of awareness and benefit people” said Rishi Dash

“We are proud of the efforts of these children but simultaneously we are also worried about those people who are still venturing out despite lockdown. I hope this message would contribute some amount of awareness to those people,” said Ranjit, resident of Buromal  


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