Ailing elephant dies after three days of treatment


Jharsuguda: A 15 years old male tusker who had strayed into the Ucchakabahal Jungle under Bagdihi Forest range from Sundargarh Forest Division died at Sunamal Village under Laikera Village on Monday late night after three days of treatment. He had been suffering from a severe mouth injury and had not eaten food for nearly a month, as per forest officials.

As per the reports, On 18th May, The injured tusker had sneaked into Bagdihi forest range from Sundargarh forest division. After being spotted by few local villagers of the Bagdihi, they had informed the forest department officials who had rushed to the spot and kept the track of the injured elephant.

On 19th May, the ill elephant was tracked near the Sunamal Village under Laikera, and was tranquilised by a Gun Assistant Dushmant Naik of Nandankanan, Bhubaneswar and was treated by three-member Doctor team led by Professor Dr Indramani Nath, OUAT. Later the local Veterinary had been following up the treatment.

“Due to severe injury in the mouth, the elephant was not able to take food. He has been treated by Prof. Indramani Nath and we were following up but after three days of treatment, the elephant expired. As per the preliminary investigation, it looks like the elephant has been attacked by another adult elephant from the front, due to injury in the mouth, the elephant had not taken any food as no food residue was present in its digestive system. “said Dr Surjaya Narayan Mishra, Block Veterinary Laikera

“Due to infighting between the tusker, this elephant was attacked by a tusker and got injured and later that injury had developed into infection due to which it had not taken any food for a month. We did our level best and was very optimistic till last night that the elephant would recover but he breathed his last breath.” said Jharsuguda DFO Sushant Kumar,


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