Plaster falls from roof in Maternity Ward at Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital


Jharsuguda :  A 28 years old women had a close shave after a chunk of plasters from the roof of the maternity ward at Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital fell on her bed in the wee hours of Friday.

Fortunately, the female patient identified as Pooja Singh of Mangal Bazaar, who had delivered a baby girl in the morning and was admitted to Bed No. 13 of Ward No. 3, narrowly escaped from this incident. Even the newborn baby remained unhurt.

“We had come to see Pooja and her newborn kid at her bed and at around 8:30 the few plasters had come down from the ceiling, we thanked God that no one got injured especially the newborn baby.” said the victims relative, Deepa Singh

“At 8:30 a.m. in the morning, a chunk of plasters came down from roof, luckily the big piece of plaster had fallen on the ground and only small piece had fallen on the beds corner of the Bed No. 13, luckily no one got injured, then the patient of the Bed No. 13 were immediately shifted to another place. At that moment of time we also got scared,” said Pitambar Sahu, another patient of Ward No. 3

“Actually, the Maternity ward building is one of the oldest building and when I learnt about the incident, we had visited the ward and seen that a small layer of plasters from the ceiling had come down had fallen down. But, within a month we are about to shift to the newly constructed Dist. Headquarters Hospital Building, near Malimunda. Till then we have shifted the patient to another ward. ” said Jharsuguda CDMO Damyanti Sahoo


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