Jharsuguda Administration ban use of Polythene bags from 1st Jan


Jharsuguda : The district administration of Jharsuguda enforced a ban on the use of polythene carry bags below 50 micron from January 1.

In this context the Jharsuguda District Collector, Bibhuti Bhusan Patnaik said,” we had made adequate propagation and made the people aware about the ill effect of the use of polythene. The ban on the use of the pollutant was imposed from today in the entire district.

“We have also discussed with various social organization members and the merchant associations and have asked them to refrain from using the polythene bags below 50 microns. ” he added

Jharsuguda Chamber of Commerce Association welcomed the decision. “We have already directed the members of the Association to use cloth bags or plastic above 50 micron.” said Senior Vice-president Hira lal Lokchandani of Jharsuguda Chamber of Commerce Association

Jharsuguda Municipality Executive Officer Ram Chandra Pradhan Said that, “We have been creating awareness among the public through various social organization and rallies participated by students of various educational institutions. We will be continuing this awareness among the public for a month and after a month we would enforce this strictly and anyone found violating the ban will be fined ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.5000.”

The ban, imposed by the district administration, has been welcomed by the people of the district.

“I really welcome the decision and It’s a good decision by Jharsuguda administration. Due to these pollutant, they are lots of problems in the district as they are not properly disposed and due to which it jams the drainage and by eating this even the animals suffers. The announcement has been done but there should be adequate steps for proper implementation of the publicity of this decision. More and more regular distribution of leaflets should be done.” said Baristha Nagaraik Sangh Co-ordinator Arjun More.


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