50 Lacs Looted from Bank, in Broad day light at Jharsuguda


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JHARSUGUDA : Armed miscreants looted about Rs.50 lakhs from the Bank of India Jharsuguda Branch, in broad day light here on Thursday. The daring robbery, has sent shivers in the spine of the people of the industrial town Jharsuguda.

As per the sources, more than six armed miscreants had entered the bank in afternoon and  had pointed guns at the customers and the bank officials. Simultaneously, in a filmy style they had asked all the customers to hand over their mobile and took all the customers along with the bank officials to a room and had asked them to sit down with their heads down, then they had asked the keys of the storm and had taken away the cash present in the storm in an airbag and fled away with the CCTV hard disk along with them.

“I was about to leave the bank after my work but as soon I stood , one of the armed miscreant had pointed gun over my head and asked me for my mobile, in fear I handed over the phone to him and along with me other 10 – 12 customers who were present at that time and had kept us in  a room , meanwhile they have slapped a customers when his mobile had rang. Meanwhile they had asked the Bank in-charge the lockers keys and had taken away the cash present in the bank from strongroom. Among all the culprits only one who was wearing a mask and were between 30-40 years. They were doing the conversation in Hindi. Seeing them, I think they might have done such type of dacoity earlier too,” said a bank customer Nirmal Hati.

“I was standing when a man had directly came near me , when i asked what happened , among the four person , one had caught my hand and asked me to come inside in hindi , one of them had gone to the security guard and had slapped him and broken his gun, and had taken away the CCTV hard disk,” said Bank in-charge Kalyani Rout.

“As per the bank officals , more than six person had come , the exact amount is still to be given from the bank side , but approximately 50 Lacs has been looted , all efforts are been done to nab the culprits behind this incident.” said Jharsuguda S.P. Dr. Uma Shankar Dash


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