War for Survival


IMG_6134In the last couple of days there has been regular reporting of wild animals and birds being attacked / smuggled / killed in and around the district. Those cases in one or other way indicate that their life is in danger. Very recently in last two consecutive days an eagle was found trapped in the mid of the city near Man Mohan M.E. School and next day a deer was rescued from the road side forest nearby Kolabira block. Though both the cases were highlighted in the media but there are also many incidents and cases under reported because either because of punishment or fear. The reason writer highlighted those two cases because once the district was known for its dense forest and natural habitat of wild animals and called as ‘Jharguda’ ( Dense forest) surrounded with the “Barapahad” and “Kurebaga” Jungle. But with the changing time and set up of large industries, plants and expanding township it turns out to be a concrete jungle. This has not only caused pollution but also disturbed the ecological balance.

In one side people have started feeling the arrival of different unknown skin diseases other way wild animals have started their journeyInjured Spotted Deer Rescused feom Kolabira  (2) towards township. In this journey sometimes they are either caught or killed. This again reminds us the age old theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Only time will decide who will win or lose this battle but one thing certain is that, the environment is no more protective and safe for any of them. Thus, finding a solution is the need of the hour. This will also help the district to retain its glory and  justify its name.

Sraban Kumar Bag | Sraban.bag@gmail.com


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