Aparna World School Celebrates Fathers Day


City Campus (3)“Fathers are pillars of any family. There love and affection towards their child goes unnoticed at times; but for a child they are always there when needed.

Aparna World School celebrated Fathers Day at both their campuses on Saturday, 04th July. This was an opportunity for fathers to spend some joyful and activity-filled time with their little one’s. This served as a perfect platform for children to play with their fathers, sing rhymes with them and most importantly, feel importance of them being around.

Among various activities organised by the school, the father-child duo enjoyed making cards with each other. The school had prepared a pre-printed cards for fathers; where the children had to put their hand-prints and present it to their fathers. This was to mark that the child grows up fast but the tenderness of early age is cherished through out their life. The other activities included Getting Prepared for School by Fathers, singing rhymes and playing games.

Most of the fathers of pre-primary section attended the event and enjoyed it a lot. The teachers and management felt humbled that they took out time from their busy schedule and spent time in school with their child.”


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