Homoeopathy Seminar held


JDS HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITAL SEMINAR Dr. Gajanan V. Dhanipkar  (2)Jharsuguda: Homoeopathy Seminar was organized by JDS Homoeopathy Hospital at Jharsuguda on Sunday. In this Seminar, various Homoeopathic Doctors from Sambalpur, Bargarh, Rourkela and Jamshedpur had participated it.

The seminar’s topic was “How to expert in treating Acute and Pathological Cases through Homoeopathy” .The seminar’s speaker was Dr. Gajanan V. Dhanipkar, M.D. (Hom) from Mumbai. He discussed various cases in which homeopathic medicine where very beneficial for the patients.

“We want to increase the awareness about the treating methods in Homoeopathy through conducting such case discussion and seminars regularly“said the organizer, Dr. Deoshlok Sharma, Director of JDS Homoeopathy Hospital.


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