30 fall sick after consuming stale sweets


Jharsuguda : At least 30 people including 15 children fell sick after consuming stale sweets in Jharsuguda on Tuesday. They were immediately rushed to Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital at night over suspected food poisoning.

“Nearly thirty people including fifteen children were admitted to the Jharsuguda Dist. Headquarter Hospital, after consuming stale sweets distributed on the occasion of Marriage Ceremony in the Lahanabud village under H. Katapali Panchayat. They fell ill after eating these stale sweets” said Jharsuguda CDMO Smt. Damayanti Sahoo

“Among the thirty, fifteen children were in the age group of 2 – 8 years, the condition of most of them are stable and have been discharged after the treatment. Among which one is still under treatment. Presently we are checking how the sweets got contaminated”. She added that situation was under control and the food samples have been collected and dispatched for testing.”

 According to the sources, the incident took place at Lahanabud Village under H. Katapali Panchayat, where the stale sweets had been distributed in the village on the occasion of a marriage ceremony held recently on Tuesday evening. Kids and the adults who had consumed the sweets complained of uneasiness and had started vomiting after consuming the sweets, after which they were rushed to the hospitals at late night and were treated.


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