Blood Donation Camp by VSS Club Bagharachaka, Brajrajnagar

Brajrajnagar,26th January 2014 :   A blood donation camp was organised by Veer Surendra Sai Club, Bagharachaka with the help of Odisha red cross blood bank Jharsuguda, at VSS club, Bagharachaka, Brajrajnagar.
        The event started after a flag hosting ceremony held at 10 A.M by the honorable MLA, Brajrajnagar Anup Sai, along with Dr. Sabita Patel with other staff of CHC Khaliakani.the elders of the village were also present there.
Dr Dolamani Patel  chief of Odisha Red Cross Blood Bank Jharsuguda was the in charge of this Blood donation Camp. 10 other technicians of that Society also present to make that event smoother.
Around 63 people donated their blood voluntarily. VSS Club President Mr Prakash Kumar Ray and Gen.sec. Mr Chandan Kumar Ray thanked  all the donors to made the event success.


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