Girdco Office looted, 3 injured


Jharsuguda : Yesterday, Some unidentified miscreants had barged into premises of Power Grid situated at Sarasmal  and had beaten up two security official as well as the Operator Govind Munda who was present in the office at the time of incident. This incident took place at 11 P.M. when 7 unidentified men entered the premises and thrashed security guards badly and fled away with costly equipment worth 5 lacs . These persons were in drunken state . They broke the lock of  Godown and took away equipment worth lacs . This is not the first time when this Gridco office has been targeted. Recently, similar type of incident had occurred when some miscreant tried to barged into premises with gun point but some how they managed to flee the scene empty handed. All thre person are getting treated in medical offices.


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